Monday, November 1, 2010


This morning I think it's easily apparent that I made one of the funniest mistakes of my life earlier this fall. What was that, you say? Well a cursory glimpse at the my NFL season preview details this amusing and noteworthy prediction:

"NFC East


So there you go. With the season yet to begin I, like, many thought that the Dallas Cowboys' combination of proven talent and chips on various shoulders would propel them to a division title -- to say nothing of the excitement that could come with being the first team to play in a Super Bowl on its home field.

But I did think Wade Philips' overly lax, player friendly style would lead to a lack of discipline that cost Dallas in its Super Bowl quest. I didn't, however, think it would cost them seven games into the season, but after yesterday's utterly hilarious 35-17 loss at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars that is exactly what has happened.

And hot damn I couldn't be happier.

Dallas' near absurd tumble into sub-mediocrity is almost so ridiculous -- the team is clearly better than 1-6 would indicate -- and so unexpected -- Tony Romo's injury could never have been predicted -- that if you happen to like, well, any other team in football, you can't help but feel giddy over the catastrophe in Big D.

Fucking giddy.

I'll give this to the fans of those horrendous jackasses in Texas, though, as yesterday's Halloween debacle likely ended any chance of their team going anywhere at all this season, at least they had a sense of humor about it.

Now, I know that since the Cowboys aren't mathematically eliminated, claiming their season is just about over could seem harsh, but since all of one team -- the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals -- has climbed out of a 1-6 start to make the postseason, well, I feel pretty confident that we've seen the last of the Cowboys as a factor in 2010, particularly with Romo out for the year. When you combine that with the obvious dour looks on the faces of players and the clear shock and speechlessness of Jerry Jones yesterday, it looks like Dallas is just about spent.


Theoretically, yes, it's wrong to relish in the pain of others, but with this franchise I think some tasteful shadenfreude is in order. If you don't agree with me as the Eagles and Redskins fans you know. After all, it's the only thing we'll agree on.

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