Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear God, the Marlins Can't Possibly Be Serious Can They?

Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy the exploits of Crockett and Tubbs as much as the next guy, and I'm sure those delightful pastels were really in in Miami when it was 1983, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking the Florida -- soon to be Miami -- Marlins may have overreached a wee bit when they developed the new logo that was leaked this week. The Marlins have been fairly mum on whether or not the logo is real and all will be answered in about six weeks when the team unveils its new branding strategy on Nov. 11 in preparation for the franchise's move into its new baseball only facility next season. I can understand wanting to make a bruhaha over the whole thing. After all, a new ballpark means a new era, and considering the Marlins' usually quite tepid attendance they really can't be faulted for wanting to rebrand the organization and start anew.

But let's look at a few things. Firstly, let's look at that new logo. You may say that the first thing you notice is the new color scheme or the interesting use of perspective in its color shading or the subtle marlin-esque shape emanating from the top left. But really, the first thing you're likely to notice, above all else, is that it is terrible. Like, seriously. It's really really bad, and if you glance at the official logo for the new ballpark, which has the same blue, orange and yellow, it seems fairly clear that the new Marlins logo is probably real because of the cross-branding opportunity.

Here's the next thing. The current Marlins logo, is actually, one of the better ones in Major League Baseball in my opinion -- at least among teams that came into existence in the last 30 years. It gets the point across, it's not overly complex, the colors make sense for a franchise named after a fish in southern Florida, and the marlin itself actually looks pretty dignified. Even the word mark is solid. There's no reason to dramatically change any of this. Logic would seem to dictate that the only thing you'd really need to do is replace the F with an M, kind of like this. See? Problem solved. The uniforms themselves are also pretty solid, considering the color scheme and the eloquent design.

Lastly, however, and most importantly, while there have been minor tweaks, like the addition of black as a major accent or even dominant color in the early 2000s, the uniforms have been relatively unchanged in the franchise's existence. And this is worth noting because in the franchise's existence the Marlins have won two fucking World Series Championships. The owners may think a rebranding is necessary to signify the new ballpark, but your old uniforms have history to them. If you have a history of winning in a certain design, you don't make changes, or at least not ones this drastic. See the Yankees, Red Sox or Cardinals if you need any clarification.

So yeah. This is a bonehead move. Like big time. I'm not a Marlins fan and even I'm offended by the assault on our sense that one commentator claimed looked like a child birthed from the 1980s Houston Astros and Denver Nuggets. The Marlins organization has six weeks to come to its senses. Here's hoping they do.

In other far more positive news, I received tickets to the next trip on my schedule yesterday, and it's the one I've been most excited for all year and that I've had planned on the books for about four years at this point. The rotation of the NFL's schedule makes it easy to know when the Giants' AFC road games will be happening. For instance, I informed my friend Susie in Kansas City a full two years before the Giants visited the Chiefs that in 2009 I'd be coming to town. This is also how I know that next year I will be going to Baltimore and Cincinnati to see the Giants play the Ravens and Bengals. And it's how I knew several years ago that this season the Giants would be visiting the New England Patriots. And come hell or high water, I was going to be there.

So it was with great anticipation and excitement yesterday that my tickets for the November 6 showdown arrived. I haven't yet determined how I will be getting up to Foxboro -- these are details that can work themselves out later -- but I do know I will be there and in the words of Bart Scott, can't wait. The best part about all of this, perhaps, is that after anticipating that I had paid a staunch $30-40 markup on the tickets, but lo and behold, they arrived to reveal that I had, in fact, paid face value.

It's the little victories in life.

And so I will be in Foxboro, Massachusetts for the first meaningful game between the Giants and Patriots since the greatest night of my life, and it's once again shaping as if the Pats will be the heavy favorites. Maybe, just maybe, once again the Giants will come through with a massive upset.

Or maybe not.

I guess you can't have everything in life. We'll just have to wait and see. Fortunately, however, as a Giants fan, I do know this: At least we'll always have a decent logo.

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