Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Picks Week Two: Set An Open Course For The Virgin Seas

That's right people. I'm breaking out my finest Styx album (That's Edge of the Century, in case you're wondering) to tell you that this weekend, or more specifically, tomorrow, I am sailing away. (Get it?). Of course, I'm not sailing away along the river Styx nor am I going to be gone for any extended period of time -- it's only about 14 hours that I'll be gone and only about six of them will be set at sea, but I will be sailing. And tailgating.

One might just say that I'll be sailgating. Anchors aweigh.

For the two of you who read this that don't really see what I'm getting at, I will spell it out pretty clearly. I will be part of a four-boat, 600-person armada that is drunkenly sailing up the Hudson River tomorrow morning as we go to see our beloved Northwestern Wildcats meet the Black Knights of Army. This isn't part of the professional sports team journey that this blog is supposed to chronicle -- and really doesn't -- but it's one of the trips I have been most excited for, well, probably ever. In fact, the only thing I can think of that comes close in excitement and novelty for me is probably last November's trip to see the Wildcats at Wrigley Field in Chicago, which had a multitude of exciting aspects.

This one is a little different, it's really just a brief day trip, but the sheer novelty of it all, a floating tailgate up the hudson to see a game at what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful settings in college football -- that would be Michie Stadium -- is just too cool not to be excited about. Wouldn't you be? I'm pretty pumped up, even if I am about as sour on college athletics as can be after reading this masterpiece of investigative sports journalism, but it's going to be fun, damnitt. It might just be the second greatest thing I've heard of in the past few months, (or the third), and for that I can thank the wise people over at Lake The Posts for putting the whole thing together.

I'm going to bring a camera along with several cases of beer to make sure I have some rational way to document this whole thing -- my memories may get hazy after a while -- but out of respect for our armed forces I'll probably try to maintain a stable sense of decorum between when we arrive and when the cadets march in three hours later. It should be a grand time had by all and I'll try my best to document and report the goings on to you next week, as well as more details about the Wildcats (hopefully) 3-0 start even without starting quarterback and Heisman hopeful Dan Persa, who still hasn't been announced as able to play on Saturday. Of course, in the non-conference schedule, why risk it.

Because of all that, that is easily the most exciting football game of the weekend for me across all platforms, though I suppose that's only because the Giants don't play til Monday. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be all about the NFL football on Sunday. Because I totally am.

Speaking of which, I still have picks to make. Hopefully they'll be better than last week's. And here they are.

Last week: 5-9-2
Season: 5-9-2

BUFFALO (-4) over Oakland
DETROIT (-9) over Kansas City
Baltimore (-7) over TENNESSEE
INDIANAPOLIS (+3) over Cleveland
Tampa Bay (+3) over MINNESOTA
NEW ORLEANS (-7) over Chicago
NY JETS (-9) over Jacksonville
PITTSBURGH (-15) over Seattle
WASHINGTON (-4) over Arizona
Green Bay (-10) over CAROLINA
Dallas (-4) over SAN FRANCISCO
Cincinnati (+4) over DENVER
Houston (-3) over MIAMI
San Diego (+7) over NEW ENGLAND
ATLANTA (+3) over Philadelphia
NY GIANTS (-6) over St. Louis

There you go. Enjoy the football everyone. Time to hit the high seas.

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