Friday, October 7, 2011

NFL Picks Week Five: So Basically I'm A Huge TV Star Now. In Canada.

I'm not sure how many of you noticed yesterday, but with a doubleheader on VERSUS and a third game in Toronto, the NHL season kicked off yesterday. As many of you have been made aware, I rather like hockey. Quite a bit. So as many of you can imagine, I'm pretty excited about the prospect of seven months of regular season -- and then two months of postseason -- hockey kicking off last night. Of course, the two teams I am partial to, New Jersey and Chicago, don't get the party started until Saturday and tonight respectively, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth watching, and indeed, Vancouver and Pittsburgh delivered a thriller last night that went to a shootout.

Now, those types of thrilling matchups are to be expected, but what is sometimes unexpected is that if you write a story like this, you might get an e-mail from a producer at CTV News asking if you can go on TV to do an interview. Now, I'm not entirely sure how anyone could think I'm really an expert on these things, either hockey or TV, but having never been on TV before, I figured it was worth a go, and so there I was at 3 o'clock yesterday at ABC News headquarters in New York waiting to do a live interview with a Canadian cable news channel to talk about hockey for three minutes.

The whole adventure started off pretty uncomfortably as I went over my answers several times in my head before arriving at the studios and going into not one, but two incorrect lobbies before finally finding my way to the correct studio. Other fun included staring awkwardly off to the side throughout the interview because the white dot they told me to stare at was off center, appearing as stiff as could possibly be partially because I was sitting in an awkwardly high chair and partially because I was nervous as all hell, accidentally calling the blue line the d-line because I watch too much football and having my earpiece that I needed to hear the questions fall out of place 10 seconds into the interview.

Rockin' right?

Otherwise, the whole thing didn't turn out so bad for a first-time television interviewee. If I ever do it again, hopefully it'll run a little smoother, but regardless of how you feel about it, you can see the final result right here.

With my first totally awesome TV interview out of the way, I could give you a long tirade about my predictions for the upcoming NHL season, and I have a few of them, but I also have quite a bit to do today with DVR catchup, NHL Premiere games, two decisive MLB games, the Blackhawks' season opener, exercising and, oh yeah, stuffing myself before preparing to not eat for 24 hours. Also, I've been distracted by my excitement over the master of the Grand Slam Single being named manager of the White Sox.

I can't wait until the first time the White Sox play the Rangers.

In any event, because of all these pressing matters, I have elected to forgo most of my prediction-centric fun so I can fold some laundry -- though I really do like the Sharks to win it all -- and instead I'm going to go straight for the picks for this week's football games, which, let's be honest, is all you people are reading anyway.

Last week: 7-9-0
Season: 29-33-2

NY GIANTS (-10) over Seattle
Philadelphia (-3) over BUFFALO
INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over Kansas City
MINNESOTA (-3) over Arizona
PITTSBURGH (-4) over Tennessee
CAROLINA (+7) over New Orleans
Cincinnati (+3) over JACKSONVILLE
Oakland (+6) over HOUSTON
Tampa Bay (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO
San Diego (-4) over DENVER
NY Jets (+9) over NEW ENGLAND
ATLANTA (+6) over Green Bay
DETROIT (-6) over Chicago

There it is folks. An easy fast to all who are observing.


  1. When I watched your clip, my screen was dirty. There was a big white speck on the screen that happened to center itself on your mouth, and remained there, due to the rigidity that you noted above. It was funny. It looked like you were missing a tooth. A real Canadian hockey guy!

  2. Is there any way I can watch this clip a different way? it didn't post well on this blog. Only showed up as a photo. Lookin' good!