Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFL Picks Week Ten: So I'm Just Following The Giants Around the Country Now

Alright, I must be honest and admit that I may have dropped the ball on you kids. When I say I dropped a ball, I of course don't mean literally. I'm as sure handed as Rey Ordonez circa 1999. Instead I didn't plan my time out too well and as a result I have very little time to appropriately write a blog entry in anticipation of my trip to San Francisco this weekend.

Yep, that's right. I'm on the move again. A week after jetting up to Boston for the unbelievably exciting adventure that was the Giants at the Patriots, I am now taking a slightly longer route to see Big Blue as I head to the Bay Area to watch them visit the 49ers Sunday morning. Of course, one of the keys to doing all of this relatively quickly is to do multiple teams in one trip if at all possible -- and this weekend it's possible. Not only will I be checking the 49ers off the list Sunday morning but I will also be in the stands for Saturday night's game in San Jose between the Sharks and the Coyotes, my first ever visit to HP Pavilion, also known as the Shark Tank.

The Niners play in Candlestick Park, which apparently is also known as "awful", but I'm still pretty excited for it, the Sharks, and the surprisingly large number of friends I'll be able to meet up with over a trip that amounts to about 55 hours.

It's all about planning.

Lastly, I need to submit my football picks which are, well, way too late. The Chargers and Raiders already kicked off about two and a half hours ago and I didn't have my choices in, but in the interests of attempting to be fair, I made sure to put my pick (which doesn't look so good at the moment) somewhere where it could be verified.

In the interests of getting this over with and actually being packed in time for me to get some sleep before my flight tomorrow morning, I'm pretty much going to skip through the rest of this nonsense and go straight to the picks. Here we go.

Last week: 7-7-0
Season: 60-63-7

SAN DIEGO (???) over Oakland
NY Giants (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO
ATLANTA (+1) over New Orleans
Pittsburgh (-3) over CINCINNATI
CLEVELAND (-3) over St. Louis
Buffalo (+6) over DALLAS
INDIANAPOLIS (+3) over Jacksonville
KANSAS CITY (-4) over Denver
MIAMI (-4) over Washington
PHILADELPHIA (even) over Arizona
TAMPA BAY (+4) over Houston
CAROLINA (-4) over Tennessee
Baltimore (-7) over SEATTLE
Detroit (+3) over CHICAGO
NY JETS (-1) over New England
GREEN BAY (-14) over Minnesota

Off I go to California.

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