Monday, September 24, 2012

Will the Red-Hot Mets Win the World Series Tonight?

Hot. Red hot. That's right folks. After a weekend sweep of the epic Miami Marlins the New York Metropolitans are the hottest team in town. That's three wins in a row, which makes them hotter than the Giants, hotter than the Jets, hotter than the Yankees. Hell, it even makes them hotter than the chicken and rice stand on 53rd and 6th. This group of Amazins is downright unstoppable.

There will be endless excitement for me tonight as I head to Citi Field for my final game of what has been an awe-inspiring and truly memorable 50th season for the club. With the way that this team is playing right now, after all, how can you not be excited? Ruben Tejada's thrilling walk-off hit from yesterday and R.A. Dickey's chase of 20 wins and an unlikely Cy Young are just a few of the reasons. What's even more exciting is that it's all positive stuff coming out of Queens this September. There are definitely no concerns over retaining the best position player in club history not named Mike Piazza, no public comments by the manager that the team has quit on the season, no irrational decisions to shut down the best pitching prospect the team has had in years on the basis of debunked silly science, no concerns over the fact that the team has scored more than three runs just 8 times in 20 games this month, no $50 million wrapped up in albatrossian contracts for next season, none of it at all.

Nope, it's nothing but good vibrations for my Mets right now.

In fact, this team is so good that, well, I'm going to say it. I really believe this could be the season that, at long last, my dream comes true and I see the New York Mets finally win the World Series. In fact, it could even happen tonight. Against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In September. It totally can. Forget the fact that Pittsburgh is in the NL, the World Series won't be played until almost November and the Mets are, like, a billion games under .500. They can still win the franchise's third championship tonight. They are that good. I mean, just look at these standings.

Twenty-three games out of first place? Twelve and a half games out of the Wild Card? An already guaranteed losing record? A home record that's 11 games under .500? BFD!

None of that matters when you're this hot. And if the Mets are anything right now after three straight wins, it's motherpipingfucking hot. I mean, just look at how the three wins they have against the Marlins, who are an unbelievably impressive 66-87 right now, have changed the entire outlook and perspective of the season. Hell, these three wins have nearly doubled the Mets' total of home victories since the All-Star Break, and pulling that off in just three games is a hell of a feat, not just for baseball but efficiency.

In fact, things are so fucking good right now in Mets land, that I'm totally not way more excited tonight about trying a new steak sandwich at the ball park than I am about watching the game.

Nope. Definitely not. The game is the thing.

So how, exactly do you all expect me to contain my excitement on a night like tonight? A night when I will go see the best, most exciting, most well-managed team in all of professional sports. A night when my childhood team and one of my all-time great loves is totally primed to win the World Series. Exactly! You don't! I can't contain myself. This is going to be one of the great nights not just for me, not just in Mets history, not just in baseball history, but in all of human history. Tonight's Mets-Pirates game will be a seminal moment our descendants look back on and say, "Yes. I know why they did what they did," or "Oh, I wish I could have been alive to see this."

Tonight's Mets-Pirates game will be like the bicentennial, VE Day and losing your virginity ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. IT DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THIS.

Standing on the precipice of something I've wanted and waited for for so long, to see the Mets play the Pirates in a potential World Series clincher is something I never could have imagined and something I simply cannot describe. Really, truly, it almost feels like I'm living in a dream.

Or maybe I'm just desperately trying to convince myself that my dream is real.

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