Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.

I know this is generally a blog for me to riff on sports. That's cool and all, and it really is my main interest, but I also am a bit of a political junkie as some of my text-embedded hyperlinks have shown in the past. I think that's probably a good thing really. We all need to be well-rounded. But yesterday's Presidential Election was the latest edition of what is easily one of if not my single favorite uniquely American spectacles. After all, it is a complex, heightened drama with massive buildup, exciting swings, excitable news broadcasters, distinctive characters and real world consequences.

What's not to love?

Last night's excitement proved a good distraction from Sunday's utterly disappointing loss by the Giants to the Steelers, and a good distraction until I head to Cincinnati this weekend to see them bounce back against the Bengals (more on that tomorrow). But it is often so much more than both those things. It is a remarkable thing to truly see the American democratic machine in action at its most national and most basic levels, even if the mere act of voting took me two hours yesterday due to a highly unorganized polling station. But that is the price we pay -- along with frostbite, apparently -- to get the kind of influence and participation in our governing system that some societies in the world can only dream of and others dare not to at all.

There is a particular kind of greatness in America that I feel every time the presidential elections come around even if it doesn't go my way, as was the case in high school and college. But those are the breaks and the prices we pay. Plus these elections give me the opportunity to write topical stories in my professional life that aren't particularly informative but are just way too fun to write if you're a history nerd. The best part about it of course is the comments which are, for lack of a better word, fantastic in their criticism, even though most of the commenters failed to realize that ran an article that was based on the exact same premise.

These are the types of things pop culture turns up on election day. Well that and Donald Trump.

But the best thing, on a night like last night's, is the highlights. Much like an awesome movie trailer or the sportscenter highlights from a great game, watching the best moments of punditry is highly entertaining. And by "best moments of punditry" I mean, most absurdly ridiculous moments. Generally we can count on Fox News to provide those; though MSNBC often tries its best to match from the opposite end of the spectrum. Watching the two channels side by side last night was almost like watching two different elections.

Still, either way, Fox took the cake, particularly with its freakout over Ohio by Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer's stern scolding of America. The only thing that could be better than the funerial dead-man-walking act on Fox would be if MSNBC had suddenly decided to openly mock Fox in a gloating fashion on its own air just minutes later. But that would be totally and completely unprofessional, right? Right.

So basically, last night's election was the magical quadrennial event I was hoping to be even if its blowout nature kind of stole some of the drama. But either way I can't complain. Until Friday when the coming nor'easter almost certainly complicates my travel plans to southern Ohio. Then I'll complain a bunch. But until then things are good.

Wait, what? Jason Bay isn't going to be a Met next year? Man, this week just keeps getting better and better.

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