Thursday, November 22, 2012

NFL Picks Week Twelve: Oh crap, it's Thanksgiving

I would tell you all I have been busy and just plum didn't have the time to write something up here, but the brutal honesty is that I've simply been distracted by sleeping in and watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. Yes, I know I should have a better excuse than that but, if we're being honest, with the Knicks actually losing last night, the Giants coming off their bye week and the Mets not having any news there is really, well, nothing to write about anyway.

And yet somehow I still found a way to write that paragraph. I know, I'm impressed, too.

All that said, today is Thanksgiving, which just so happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. Sure, July 4th is a great time and Purim is alright I guess, but when you get down to basics Thanksgiving has three major requirements: Eat, Drink, Watch Football. Granted, turkey isn't exactly the first meat or even bird I'd choose to make a holiday revolve around if I really had my druthers, but you've got to find an excuse to eat it at some point really. Still, "Eat, Drink, Watch Football" is basically the guiding principle I try to have on most of my football Saturdays and Sundays so when I actually get the institutionalized excuse to do it, how could I not consider it the best?

The only issue I ever have with Thanksgiving is if the Giants should somehow be scheduled to play, as was the case three years ago. Sure, I love Thanksgiving, and I love watching the Giants, but three years ago the Giants apparently couldn't get over their tryptophan hangover and got pushed around like whimpy pre-schoolers in the sand box. That disaster of an evening ruined my favorite holiday.

So, now every year I'm overjoyed when I see the Giants aren't playing on Thanksgiving, but this season's Turkey Day is hardly without implications. The Redskins play the Cowboys in the day's afternoon game, which given the standings might actually convince me to.... root for Wash(choking sound). Sorry, I think "choke" is probably a more apt description for Dallas given the last few years, but I can't really force myself to say the words "root for Washington."

Surely you readers understand.

Still, I'm eagerly looking forward to today's matchup, which for the first time in years thanks to the Lions being sort of decent now actually has the look of three pretty good games, with New England at the Jets as the only potential sleeper in the bunch. I actually think the Jets will play better than expected, but by the time that game ends we'll all be napping anyway won't we?

So yes, it's Thanksgiving, the best day of the year. I got started a little early with a midnight showing of Lincoln last night, a movie that seemed appropriate to see today, but I felt wound up just being a bunch of great scenes that didn't quite equal a great movie -- a combination kind of like the Dallas Cowboys, which I guess is appropriate. In any event it wasn't a bad start to the day, but I'm sure there's plenty of football action left that will keep me entertained. Either way I'm pretty excited.

I've got a big day of eating, drinking and watching football ahead of me.

Last week: 7-6-1
Season: 80-76-5

Houston (-4) over DETROIT
Washington (+3) over DALLAS
NY JETS (+7) over New England
NY GIANTS (-3) over Green Bay
CHICAGO (even) over Minnesota
CINCINNATI (-10) over Oakland
Pittsburgh (-1) over CLEVELAND
INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over Buffalo
Denver (-11) over KANSAS CITY
Seattle (-3) over MIAMI
TAMPA BAY (+2) over Atlanta
Tennessee (-3) over JACKSONVILLE
Baltimore (-1) over SAN DIEGO
NEW ORLEANS (+1) over San Francisco
ARIZONA (-1) over St. Louis
Carolina (-1) over PHILADELPHIA

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