Thursday, October 17, 2013

NFL Picks Week Seven: Because I'm too damn tired to write something long

As I told you all last week, I was quitting football following a devastating loss by Northwestern to Ohio State and the Giants' continued ineptitude. I should make it clear right now, however that I was only actually "quitting" football, not quitting football. This, it should be noted, was apparently a big mistake.

Why do you ask?

Well, for one, the Giants lost at Chicago on Thursday night to run their season record to a tidy 0-6, in yet another game where they actually played kind of decently for two and a half quarters before it all fell apart like a jenga tower after 25 minutes. With such a remarkable and unexpected run of failure to start the season, it's anybody's guess as to why I'm actually making my way to MetLife Stadium on Monday night to see the Giants play the equally hapless Vikings when I could watch from the comfort of my couch. (Answer: The tickets, food and booze are all free.)

That was then compounded by the fact that Saturday afternoon, Northwestern got the tar kicked out of it by Wisconsin in the first game the Wildcats were completely uncompetitive in in about two years. Given that my sister is a Badger, this is something I'm likely to hear about for several months.

So, I might be quitting football. Also, I'm tired and rushing to get to work today, so there will be very little of me complaining about how awful football has been for me the past two weekends (and we haven't even gotten onto the topic of the winless New Jersey Devils). Instead I'm just going to put my picks down and pretend none of this is happening.

Sound good? Great.

Last week: 8-7-0
Season: 40-50-2

Seattle (-6.5) over ARIZONA
ATLANTA (-7) over Tampa Bay
Cincinnati (+2.5) over DETROIT
Buffalo (+8) over MIAMI
New England (-4) over NY JETS
PHILADELPHIA (-2.5) over Dallas
Chicago (even) over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA (-6) over St. Louis
San Diego (-7.5) over JACKSONVILLE
San Francisco (-4) over TENNESSEE
Cleveland (+10) over GREEN BAY
Houston (+6.5) over KANSAS CITY
PITTSBURGH (-1.5) over Baltimore
Denver (-6.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
NY GIANTS (-3.5) over Minnesota

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