Sunday, November 17, 2013

NFL Picks Week Eleven: In Which I Experience the Wonder of Jury Duty

I will put it blunt to admit that this has not been a particularly good week on several fronts. The most notable, probably, is that Northwestern a few hours ago lost yet another disaster of a game, this time to Michigan in triple overtime. The game featured several potential game-winning interceptions that Northwestern dropped, multiple fourth-down conversations in the final minute as Michigan hastily drove to tie the game, and a field goal by Michigan as time expired that forced OT and almost certainly should not have been allowed.

So, if you're keeping score that home, that's a seven-game winning streak in which Northwestern has blown a 10-point lead to the No. 3 team in the country, lost in Overtime twice and lost on a Hail Mary. It's been fun.

In the case of this particular loss, since Northwestern mustered just three field goals in regulation despite largely keeping Michigan in check and having several opportunities for touchdowns the theme of not being able to capitalize and finish drives seems to be carrying the Wildcats through the season. I can only hope that along with the numerous injuries and bizarrely unusual ways to lose that they've found will come a regression to the mean next season, because as it stands, bowling is likely not happening this winter.

The rest of my week was also drab -- though there was the bright spot in that I got to see Twelfth Night with the brilliant Mark Rylance on Thursday night -- but the real pisser was that I, like Homer in that picture up there, got the wonderful experience of being on jury duty for the first time this week. If you've never been, I will not tell you to try it, particularly since the courts will decide that option for you, but it is a remarkably inefficient exercise in institutionalized bureaucracy and hammy litigative play-acting. I was lucky in that my trial settled after a scant three days, but given the interminable combination of unctuous lawyer and self-consumed litigant on the plaintiff side of the fence, I'm glad I had to endure as little of it as I did.

To say the least, I'm hoping next week is better, and that maybe it involves a Giants win. At the very least, it will involve seeing Professor X and Magneto duel for the fate of mutants on stage this Thursday, and that's pretty sweet.

In the interim I'll just watch football. And take solace in the fact that I can't serve jury duty in the county of Queens again for four years. At least in that regard the courts are reliable -- or at least more reliable than Northwestern.

Last week: 7-7-0
Season: 69-76-2

Indianapolis (-3) over TENNESSEE
NY Jets (+1) over BUFFALO
Baltimore (+3) over CHICAGO
CINCINNATI (-5.5) over Cleveland
PHILADELPHIA (-3.5) over Washington
Detroit (-2) over PITTSBURGH
Atlanta (-1) over TAMPA BAY
Arizona (-7) over JACKSONVILLE
HOUSTON (-7) over Oakland
MIAMI (+1) over San Diego
NEW ORLEANS (-3) over San Francisco
NY GIANTS (-5) over Green Bay
SEATTLE (-12) over Minnesota
Kansas City (+8.5) over DENVER
CAROLINA (-2.5) over New England

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