Saturday, December 14, 2013

NFL Picks Week Fifteen: I Left My Coat in San Diego

I don't expect much when I visit San Diego. That isn't meant to be a slight. The city is lovely, the embarcadero has beautiful views of the Pacific, the California burrito at El Indio and the accompanying tortilla chips are truly delicious. If you have the chance to fly across the country to eat there your plane ticket will not have been a waste. The people, with the exception of one possibly stoned 60-year-old woman I met on the city trolley, are lovely. The night life is good even if you end up falling asleep by 10 p.m. What's more, I didn't even expect the Giants to play well when I traveled 3,000 miles to get there.

But look. When I go to San Diego, I don't think it's so unreasonable of me that I expect it to, at the very least, be warm.

For some reason, even in this most modest request, San Diego, California was unable to comply last weekend. A city that makes its bones with a steady stream of 78-degree days with almost no humidity 365 days a year came up far short, as every day I was there the temperature peaked at, maybe, 60 degrees. And even that was a rarity. During the game itself temperatures settled in in the mid-50s unless you were one of the fortunate souls to be sitting in direct sunlight. All of this meant that I felt about as hot as the Giants' offense in a spectacularly mediocre showing.

That isn't to say I didn't enjoy myself of couse. After all, when I drove up to Anaheim to see the Ducks play the Islanders on Monday night I got personal approval from Wild Wing on my hooded sweatshirt, as you can see above. No trip with that special moment could be a failure. Plus, I saw Ducks forward Corey Perry score what was probably the most spectacular goal I've ever seen in person. And it could have been worse. I could have been in a place as ill-prepared for its weather as, say, Cairo and Jerusalem.

But, really, would it have been so bad to have a weekend of 80-degree weather no questions asked?

Alright, I think I'm done complaining. After all, it was pretty fun to watch all of the San Diegans fear the Apocalypse was in the offing because they broke out their scarves and North Face jackets. Someone needs to toughen the fiber of those people.

In addition, I did get to add two new teams to my collection of experiences, spend a weekend with my friend Mike, whom I hadn't seen since we bumped into each other in Penn Station in March of 2004, I got to name and eat a burger with a patty that was 50% bacon, and I got to tailgate outside Qualcomm Stadium with Jack Murphy, his dog and some high quality dining that made me feel like I was in Middle School again.

I can't really argue with those experiences even if the weather across the country made both traveling there and back a tremendous pain in the ass. Besides, it was a trip that told me a number of things. First and foremost, San Diego isn't always warm, and when it happens to not be warm the citizens will have absolutely no clue how to rationally dress for the weather. Secondly, the Chargers and their fans tend to hold soem grudges, and in this particular case they really do not like Eli Manning. I mean, really, they don't.

Most importantly, if I'm ever starting a business that requires someone to alphabetize my files, I will not be hiring the San Diego Chargers ticket office to carry out that work.

See? A trip across the country that taught me many important things even if the weather wasn't up to snuff. Then again, considering what the weather is like in New York today, maybe I should fly back across the country. After all, with the winter coat I'll be wearing today I'm already dressed right. I'll fit right in.

Last week: 10-6-0
Season: 98-104-6

DENVER (-10.5) over San Diego*
ATLANTA (-7) over Washington
Chicago (even) over CLEVELAND
INDIANAPOLIS (-5.5) over Houston
New England (-1.5) over MIAMI
Philadelphia (-4.5) over MINNESOTA
NY GIANTS (+7) over Seattle
San Francisco (-5.5) over TAMPA BAY
JACKSONVILLE (+2) over Buffalo
Kansas City (-4.5) over OAKLAND
CAROLINA (-11) over NY Jets
Green Bay (even) over DALLAS
Arizona (-2.5) over TENNESSEE
New Orleans (-6) over ST. LOUIS
Cincinnati (-2.5) over PITTSBURGH
DETROIT (-6) over Baltimore

*Already played and lost. You should be pretty in awe of my honesty here.

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