Monday, March 31, 2014

The 2014 New York Mets: Because they have to

After the winter we've had in New York there are only a few things that could make the wait through the snow, the chill and the mythical polar vortex seem worthwhile. As a proud resident of this city and an adamant baseball fan I can assure all of you that one of those things is not going to be the New York Mets.

Yes, the Mets. Those guys.

Now, I don't want to give you all the impression that I'm completely downtrodden about the 2014 varietal of Fred Wilpon's merry bunch. As I told a friend this morning when he asked me if Dillon Gee was a solid choice to anchor his fantasy staff, I don't particularly care about this season in terms of win-loss record. After all, there are at least five or 10 or maybe 26 teams in the Majors that are more talented or well-balanced than the Mets, but the future remains bright -- really bright -- for the first time in a long time.

I do not expect the Mets to win as many as 80 games. A final total of 75 victories might be an achievement, though I expect they'll do better than the 63 wins an opposing scout predicted in Sports Illustrated this past week. But regardless of the wins as they may or may not come, the Mets have plenty of positive aspects for fans like me to keep their eye on. These are the things I want out of the 2014 Major League Baseball season, and the things in which I've invested my hopes for the Mets actually having a winning record again before David Wright retires:

1) I want to see Zack Wheeler develop into the nasty pitcher the scouts expect in his first full season
2) I want Noah Syndergaard to come up in midseason and show signs that he will dominate like he has in the minors
3) I want Travis d'Arnaud to settle in and become a starting catcher who hits .280
4) I want Curtis Granderson to prove his injury-riddled 2013 was a fluke and provide the Mets with an actual middle-of-the-order bat to protect David Wright
5) I want Bartolo Colon to somehow repeat his impressive 2013 for two more seasons
6) I want someone, anyone in the bullpen to look like they've pitched in the Major Leagues before
7) For the love of God, I want Matt Harvey's rehab to go perfectly
8) I want Ike Davis to avoid any crazy made up diseases for a whole season for once
9) I want Juan Legares to learn what hitting is
10) I want the Philadelphia Phillies to lose 100 games if not more.

That shouldn't be too hard to put together, right? Right. If that happens you'll have a Mets team in 2015 with some progress and experience under its belt to go with a potentially nasty rotation of Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard, John Niese and some combination of Dillon Gee or Bartolo Colon in the final spot. Add an outfield bat and a bullpen to that and you've suddenly got an actual contender in the National League on your hands.

A man can dream.

But enough of what I want to see in 2014. Here is what I think I will see with my not-well-researched spur-of-the-moment 2014 Major League Baseball preview. How spur of the moment is this? I don't even know who I'm picking to win the World Series yet as I write this. Oh and the collective total of wins and losses will not equal 2,430. These are ranges. They are not exact. I do not care if you complain about it.

Here we go:

NL East
1. Washington - 95-67
2. Atlanta - 87-75
3. NY Mets - 76-86
4. Miami - 70-92
5. Philadelphia - 61-101

NL Central
1. St. Louis - 94-68
2. Pittsburgh - 89-73*
3. Cincinnati - 85-77
4. Milwaukee - 74-88
5. Chicago Cubs - 69-93

NL West
1. LA Dodgers - 92-70
2. San Francisco - 88-74*
3. Arizona - 83-79
4. Colorado - 79-83
5. San Diego - 71-91

AL East
1. Tampa Bay - 94-68
2. Boston - 90-72*
3. NY Yankees - 85-77
4. Toronto - 83-79
5. Baltimore - 76-86

AL Central
1. Detroit - 96-66
2. Kansas City - 89-73*
3. Cleveland - 80-82
4. Chicago White Sox - 74-88
5. Minnesota - 66-96

AL West
1. Oakland - 90-72
2. Texas - 88-74
3. LA Angels - 83-79
4. Seattle - 75-87
5. Houston - 64-108

NL Playoffs
Wild Card
(5) San Francisco over (4) Pittsburgh
(1) Washington over (5) San Francisco
(3) LA Dodgers over (2) St. Louis
(1) Washington over (3) LA Dodgers

AL Playoffs
Wild Card
(4) Boston over (5) Kansas City
(1) Detroit over (4) Boston
(2) Tampa Bay over (3) Oakland
(2) Tampa Bay over (1) Detroit

2014 World Series
(1) Washington over (2) Tampa Bay

Don't agree? Don't care. Predictions are all nonsense anyway. Unless of course, I end up being exactly right about all of these. In that case, predictions are everything and I'm a genius.

I'm willing to trade all of those to see the my 10 wishes for the 2014 New York Mets come true though.

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  1. One year later your predictions were not that bad. Who could predict a world series between two wild cards winners ?

    This Year lets go METS ! Harvey and DeGrom to the top !