Friday, September 19, 2014

NFL Picks Week Three: I have nothing to talk about

Ok, just to be clear, that's almost certainly not accurate. There is plenty to talk about in the world of sports. I could tell you how I'm watching Sydney play North Melbourne on delay in the 2014 Preliminary Final, how Southampton looked phenomenal in beating up Newcastle United 4-nil last weekend, how I went to a Mets game on Wednesday night and it was unsurprisingly uninspiring or how despite a head-scratching loss to the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon, I'm still not that worried about the Giants .... yet.

But you know what? I'm really just too tired to go into detail on all of those things at the moment. Also, I'm pretty sure there is construction outside with a jackhammer incessantly banging away and it is really sapping my energy to be clever and informative on my day off, to say nothing of thinking clearly.

It's a ton of fun.

So, rather than try to strain my cortex to put something witty together, after all, only four or so of you are going to read this anyway, I'm going to skip through the razzmatazz and just get to what you're all waiting for: another attempt to see how bad I am at picking NFL games this year. I mean, it is definitely early in the season and those first few weeks are all kind of random anyway, but my start to the season has been less than good. Let's see if Week Three changes that, or, at the very least, if Northwestern finally wins a game and I stop caring about my picks as a result. I can dream, can't I?

One note before we begin: I realize that I am posting this a day after the Falcons' pasting of the Buccaneers last night, and some of you might think that is unfair. Well, I made my picks in my NFL pick 'em league on Wednesday night because the week's picks lock when the first game kicks off anyway, and this is where I'm getting my picks from, so, I swear, everything is on the level.

If you don't believe me, well, tough shit. Here we go:

Last week: 5-11-0
Season: 11-21-0

ATLANTA (-6.5) over Tampa Bay
BUFFALO (-2) over San Diego
CINCINNATI (-7) over Tennessee
Baltimore (-1.5) over CLEVELAND
Green Bay (+2.5) over DETROIT
NEW ENGLAND (-14) over Oakland
NEW ORLEANS (-10) over Minnesota
NY GIANTS (+2.5) over Houston
PHILADELPHIA (-6.5) over Washington
Indianapolis (-7) over JACKSONVILLE
San Francisco (-3) over ARIZONA
MIAMI (-4) over Kansas City
Denver (+5) over SEATTLE
CAROLINA (-3.5) over Pittsburgh
Chicago (+2.5) over NY JETS

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