Thursday, October 30, 2014

NFL Picks Week Nine: The Mets are tied for first place again

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2015 World Series New York Mets are currently undefeated and tied for first place in the NL East with an inside track for home field throughout the playoffs. That is the most exciting baseball news I have become aware of in months, and I am currently the most optimistic I have been about the Mets in years. I mean, how can you not be when they haven't lost a game yet?

This is the anticipation the offseason brings sometimes. While I actually am somewhat cautiously optimistic about the 2015 Mets, I now can sort of think about them in earnest since the 2014 World Series featuring Madison Bumgarner against the Kansas City Royals came to an end last night. It's always a bit wistful when baseball season ends, and perhaps more so when Alex Gordon doesn't get waved home by the third base coach as the tying run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth like he should have been, but I am enthused about next season, both because the Mets will have Matt Harvey back and because they won't have to face Bumgarner three times in a seven-game span.

I mean, seriously, that was one of the greatest performances in World Series history, perhaps the type of thing you'll tell your children about. In fact, if you're a San Francisco Giants fan, it is almost certainly the type of thing you will tell your children about.

Royals fans...maybe not so much. Coming so close only to see a wild ride like theirs end with the game-tying run 90 feet away must be a brutal feeling, but, uh, hey, the Chiefs host the Jets on Sunday! And unlike the Royals the Chiefs have actually won four of their last seven games.

Sorry, that was a low blow, wasn't it?

If it makes Kansas City feel better, I haven't had any cause to get excited like they have when it comes to baseball in, oh, ever. Losing a Game 7 of the World Series that comes down to one run is a heart-wrenching experience I imagine, but hey, at least the Royals got their shot at greatness. Like Rocky Balboa and whatever Hilary Swank's character was named in Million Dollar Baby before them, all they could hope for was a chance to prove they were the best. Well Kansas City got it, and damn near pulled it off.

I can only dream the Mets will ever give me that kind of excitement. But hey, last season's over and now 2015 is squarely in Major League Baseball's crosshairs. That's the time when dreams can still become reality, right?

After all, the Mets are tied for first place.

Last week: 9-6-0
Season: 55-65-0

New Orleans (-3) over CAROLINA
CINCINNATI (-11) over Jacksonville
CLEVELAND (-6.5) over Tampa Bay
Arizona (+4) over Dallas
KANSAS CITY (-9.5) over NY Jets
San Diego (+1.5) over MIAMI
MINNESOTA (-1) over Washington
Philadelphia (-2) over HOUSTON
SAN FRANCISCO (-10) over St. Louis
Denver (-3) over NEW ENGLAND
SEATTLE (-15) over Oakland
PITTSBURGH (even) over Baltimore
NY GIANTS (+3.5) over Indianapolis

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