Thursday, October 9, 2014

NFL Picks Week Six: The 2014 NLCS bores me to death

At the outset of the 2014 MLB playoffs there was one thing more than any other that I simply did not want to see. Of the 10 teams in the postseason field, I knew I would be bored out of my gourd if I had to watch the goddamn St. Louis Cardinals reach or, heaven forbid, win the World Series again.

Well, look who just happened to upset the heavily favored Los Angeles Dodgers. Yet again the Cardinals and their brand of unsexy and mildly wholesome baseball have managed to reach the NLCS and the only thing that stands in the way of a fifth pennant and potentially a third World Series title in the past 11 seasons is... the San Francisco Giants.

Retread, retread, retread.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have any issues with the Giants. As the one-time team of my family before it moved west and the theoretical ancestor of the New York Mets, there are a lot of reasons to like a team that is rich in history and was, until four years ago, equally as frustrating to root for as mine. In addition, I certainly don't have the kind of vitriol for them that I do for St. Louis, a dull team that ruined what was supposed to be the most special kind of special seasons for the Mets back in 2006. But the Giants are starting to wear on me, too. I've seen them succeed with two championships in the past four seasons and seeing someone fresh and new win the pennant, even if it's a team I'm supposed to hate like the Washington Nationals, wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Well, thank goodness for the American League. Instead of another series between its own friendly neighborhood retreads in the Detroit Tigers and The The Angels Angels of Anaheim, we're being treated to a postseason matchup between the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles, two teams that have three postseason berths in the last 15 years between them and have gone a combined 60 years without winning an AL pennant or a World Series. Also, did we note that these guys are super fun to watch and pretty damn likeable?

Perhaps even more importantly, did you know that neither of these teams has ever done anything to screw over the New York Mets? In fact, the one time the Orioles and Mets faced off in the postseason, the mighty O's of Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell and Earl Weaver politely stepped aside rather than stop the march of history for the Miracle Mets.

These are stupid, petty reasons to have almost zero interest in a postseason series, I will grant you, but it is what it is. Also, I will say this yet again, those Royals uniforms are just so pretty. Rediscovering them after 29 years without a postseason berth is like listening to Sgt. Pepper for the first time all over again.

Maybe the actual baseball itself will deliver, too. Or, hey, maybe we'll get to watch the Cardinals win the World Series again. Just a warning though, if that happens, I may not see it. I might be sleeping.

Last week: 9-6-0 (An actual winning record for a week!)
Season: 32-43-0

Indianapolis (-3) over HOUSTON
BUFFALO (+3) over New England
CINCINNATI (-7) over Carolina
Pittsburgh (+1.5) over CLEVELAND
TENNESSEE (-6) over Jacksonville
Green Bay (-3.5) over MIAMI
Detroit (-1.5) over MINNESOTA
Denver (-9.5) over NY JETS
Baltimore (-3) over TAMPA BAY
San Diego (-7) OAKLAND
Chicago (+3) ATLANTA
ARIZONA (-3.5) over Washington
SEATTLE (-8) over Dallas
NY Giants (+3) over PHILADELPHIA
San Francisco (-3.5) over ST. LOUIS

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