Thursday, September 17, 2015

NFL Picks Week Two: Let's do everyone a favor and not talk about last week

Ok, look. I'm not going to go into my complaints and frustration from the Giants' colossal meltdown against the Cowboys in Week One. I mean, sure, the clock management was totally screwy, the refusal to run for short yardage out of a spread is a constant reminder than football coaches accept change slower than eroding mountains and the idea that somehow a one-possession lead with 90 seconds left is better than a two-posession lead with two minutes left is, you know, nuts.

But look on the bright side!



Ok, so when you think about it, there are, at least some positives to cling to. The Giants' defense looked far better than many anticipated, with the notable exception of backup middle linebacker Uani' Unga being picked on like a the nerdy kid at lunch during Dallas' winning drive. While the Giants still only have themselves to blame for not ultimately winning, you can also include the fact that the Cowboys got a little bit of home cooking. New York won the turnover battle and more or less held its own in a road game against one of the League's title favorites that any sane person would say it should have won.

I take a mild bit of reassurance from that, or maybe I just get a reminder than the difference in the NFL between great and terrible is razor thin, but the important thing is that I've emotionally moved on from a colossally frustrating season opener. I haven't lost hope even if the betting public has. After all, the Giants would have won a huge season-opening game if it wasn't for a few easily fixable mistakes. So, the logic goes, fix the mistakes, the wins will start coming, right?

It seems easy enough, and if memory serves, that's totally how it went the last time the Giants lost a mind-numbing, mistake-ridden loss at Dallas in the season opener, right?.....Wait, what? Oh. Hmm.

Well, look. It's not over. There are 15 games left for New York to turn those mistakes around and go on their inevitable surprise championship run. And until then -- these are words I never thought I'd say -- at least I've got the Mets, right?

Fun fact: The last time the Mets were in first place and the Giants lost their opener was 2007, which didn't work out so well for the Mets, but worked out just fine for the Giants. Of course, one of the other times the Mets were in first place when the Giants lost their season opener was 1986. That turned out ok for both of them.

Last week: 8-7-0
Season: 8-7-0

Denver (+3) over KANSAS CITY
New England (even) over BUFFALO
Arizona (-2) over CHICAGO
CINCINNATI (-3) over San Diego
CLEVELAND (+1) over Tennessee
Detroit (+3) over MINNESOTA
NEW ORLEANS (-10) over Tampa Bay
NY GIANTS (-2) over Atlanta
PITTSBURGH (-5.5) over San Francisco
St. Louis (-3) over WASHINGTON
Houston (+3.5) over CAROLINA
Baltimore (off) over OAKLAND
Miami (-6) over JACKSONVILLE
PHILADELPHIA (-5) over Dallas
GREEN BAY (-3.5) over Seattle
INDIANAPOLIS (-7) over NY Jets

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